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conflict is the beginning of consciousness
– M. Esther Harding

discover your resilience.

Conflict is natural and universal. Change and disagreements are an opportunity for understanding, creativity, and growth.

2resolve empowers conflict resilience. Our four main services enable conflict management and resolution: mediation, conflict coaching, restorative practices, and arbitration.

We have a specialized focus on supporting the needs, dignity, and self determination of older adults. Navigating Longevity involves a series of life transitions and challenges that require planning and decision making. Housing, estate planning, healthcare and caregiving arrangements are some examples. Our flexible processes promote safety, effective communication, intentional decision making and the preservation of relationships.

Susan N. Kennedy is the principal and founder of 2resolve. She is an accredited elder/ intergenerational mediator, conflict coach and qualified arbitrator. Susan has a degree in psychology and formerly practised law for twenty years. Her passion is to help older adults, and their support network, anticipate and address conflict in ways that maximize options, and the ability to move forward with peace of mind.

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conflict coaching

Conflict Coaching

restorative practices

Restorative Practices